Kelly Swint

(Broadway tour of Phantom)

Charlie Franklin

(Broadway’s Book of Mormon, Bridges of Madison County)

Candice Marie Woods

(Broadway’s Book of Mormon, Nice Work…, Hairspray, Catch Me If You Can)

Tanner Wilson

(Broadway’s Cats, Radio City Music Hall)

Raja Burrows
Matt Ban

(Broadway’s Rock of Ages, Broadway tour of Spamalot)

April Holloway

(Radio City Christmas Spectacular)

LilyAnn Carlson

(Broadway tour of Elf, The Musical!)

Jackson Mattek

Choreography Sample for Dancers and Choreographers

Reel Packages

Tim Grady Films is thrilled team up with some of the industry’s top agents and casting directors to offer their professional feedback and guidance to make your musical theater audition reel perfectly represent you.

We also offer college audition submission filmings. Email us for more details.

The Reel Classic is our proven and unique musical theater audition reel. Complete with three contrasting song cuts, our musical theater audition reel has enabled actors to be brought in for final callbacks, sign with agencies and book months of work. What makes our formula stand out is the interview section that ties the reel together, showing not just your talent, but also your personality. Our audition techniques and methodology are based upon discussions with the industry’s top casting directors, agents and creative teams to find out exactly what they want to see in an audition reel. The Tim Grady Films audition reel is today’s industry standard video platform to showcase your special talent!

The Reel Impression option is for those looking for industry help and feedback to create their best possible reel. Upon booking, we ask that you submit pictures of four clothing looks as well as four song choices all to be reviewed by a top NYC agent. You will receive written feedback guiding you on how to highlight your casting type perfectly on camera and how that matches the song choices. Next, you will come into the studio to film your musical theater audition reel with our pianist/voice coach to create everything we offer from our Reel Classic package. Once the reel is finalized, the agent will be guaranteed to watch the reel.

Our premier service, Reel Coaching is for actors looking to have personalized one-on-one coaching from one of the industry’s top agent. Currently, we are working with Harden Curtis Agent, Gavin Davis. This package includes all the preliminary filming features provided in the Reel Impression option plus agent guidance while filming! You will have one full hour to work with the talent agent in the studio! To help you stand out from the crowd, the agent will offer corrections and explore new choices in your song cuts if needed- done in a comfortable and supportive setting in collaboration with the pianist/vocal coach. After filming, you will receive your finalized audition reel for submissions.

College Programs
Tim Grady Films has teamed up with top musical theater college programs to offer a free masterclass on how an actor can use musical theater audition reels to their best advantage when entering the professional world. As an add-on, we can bring one of the industry’s top agents to provide input to a student’s reel effort.
Regional Theaters
Tim Grady Films is the preferred videographer for regional theaters looking to hire actors out of NYC. Most recently, we teamed up with Arizona Broadway Theatre. Contact us to find out more on how we can help provide your theater with a larger pool of talent to choose from when casting your next production.


  • While sorting through submissions on a busy day, a musical theatre reel professionally done by Tim Grady would definitely get a higher priority to get watched and remembered!
    Erin Denman
    Casting Director
  • I will definitely recommend Tim Grady Films! I think this is a major asset for a performer.
    Joy Dewing
  • I just booked my first professional gig at a regional theater…just by sending a Tim Grady Films reel. Thank you again for your incredible company because it has done wonders for my career!
    Shawday Graves
  • Tim Grady Films showcases actors in a professional and accurtate way.
    This tool is extremely helpful when considering an actor for representation.

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